First Baptist Church of Clarkton

Pastor's Thoughts

Pesky Christmas

If you call me at home or at the church and I hang up on you, don't take personally, there's a reason for it.

Some days I get four or five calls from telemarketers, and it's aggravating.  I used to like to listen to some of them make their pitch, but not anymore.  Now they all are just a pain.  Most of them use computers or something to dial telephone numbers for them.. When they get an answer, they pick up and start talking.  I've noticed that there's a delay before they start talking.  So, when I answer the phone and no one says anything right off, I hang up.  Now, if I hang up on you, I didn't mean to, I just thought you were a pesky telemarketer.  If this happens, call me back and be quick to talk after I say hello.  I hate doing this, but these people are a nuisance.

It makes me wonder, though, how annoying are Christians to non-Christians.  Do we Christians get on other people's nerves like telemarketers?  Are we always pushing our faith on other people?  You better get to church - Why aren't you baptized, yet? - Put the Ten Commandments up in the courthouse - Put public prayer back in the schools - and so forth.  You know, are we mostly turning people off with our nagging?

Look at what happened when Jesus healed the demoniac in the Gerasenes' country.  Jesus cast demons out of the man and sent them into a herd of pigs.  the pigs then ran off a cliff and drowned in the sea.  After the people in the area found out about it, they went to Jesus and asked him to leave.  (I guess he was bad for business.)  And what did Jesus do?  He left.

Have you noticed in the Gospels how Jesus did evangelism and ministry?  He preached.  He taught.  He lived right. He healed and ministered.  He invited.  If people believed him and accepted him, wonderful; if they didn't he moved on.  He didn't nag.  He didn't beg.  He didn't force himself on people.  He let them know who he was, what he was doing, what he stood for and then decide to follow him or not. Do you think that's how we ought to be?

If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, Shake off the dust from your feet as leave that house or town.
                                                       -Jesus to his disciples (Matthew 10;14)